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Our Mission

VKH is a girl-gang of talented hair artists...
VK Hairdressing / Our Mission
Our Mission Statement

We are focused on client care at affordable luxury, we create feelings of joy for our guests through great hair.

We deliver fun and laughter in the chair, first impressions are important to us, and we want each visit to be better than the one before, giving exceptional service and respecting each other while we create.

We are diverse with our collection of knowledge and adapt to our tasks no matter how complicated.

We never over-promise, but we over-deliver every day.

Our Values
  • We are committed
  • We treat each other with respect
  • We take ownership by demonstrating initiative and accountability
  • We celebrate everyday
  • We lead by example
  • We inspire trust
  • We assume positive intent
  • We care
  • We interact with professionalism remembering our tone and attitude will set the day for us and others
  • We will be impeccable with our word
  • We are a salon you can trust