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We’re back soon , are you excited?

As salons all across the country open their doors again , its so exciting to see how everyone has adpated and prepared their salons to make sure we have all our ducks in a row . we have been closed for the gutts of nine months and in that time it has shown us just how strong and resilient we are . Giving us the chance to catch up on our families , getting work done to our houses , and making our salons better for the big return , weve kept in touch with our clients ,trying to keep them away from the kitchen scissors lol , or ever worse , the box colour isle .

As we return , we have been vaccinated and hold safety in the salon just as serious , placing safety checks and risk assesments to help us mittigate and problem solve .

One of the main topics thats been at the forefront of our industry is patch testing , something vkh has always beleived in , so we welcome the not so new protocol , which in my book should of been in place at all salons to begin with , but thats another story ,


A patch test is a small amount of product applied to the skin ,which allows the client and the stylist to check that area for any signs of a reaction. you will be able to identify an allergy before you are fully exposed to the product .PATCH TESTING IS FOR YOUR SAFETY ,


A skin patch test should be completed were recommended for each new treatment , it should be done 24 hours before treatment , or 48 hours before for clients with special circumstances , such as diabetes ect , this will now include after covid testing or if you have had covid ,

There are so many reasons why patch testing is essential in every salon , the risks invovled with not doing one are very serious , covid has caused so much disruption not only in the hair industry , but the lives of people across the world,  One obversation thats emerged from salon owners however , is an increase in allergic reactions amoungst those who have have covid-19 . while there is no offical research ,it does hilight one undeniable point , REGULAR PATCH TESTING .

Just because we’ve been closed for a while does not mean we will be letting our guard down ,the usual rules still apply , so we can then get down to the good part , THE GREAT HAIR !!!!!


We cant wait to get you all in the chair , our first few days will be dedicated to restyling you back to sassy , resheduling all your colour appointments and patch testing , youll find our waiting list on our website home page , where you can add all your details , or watch out for social media posts if you’ve not heard from us when the dates released , we always welcome new clients , so if you’ve never been in our chair , give yourself a treat , pop your name on the list babes .

any hooooooo, take care , and stay safe

val x

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